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We offer 1-day cruises to 4-day adventure vacations in the most scenic and romantic cruising grounds of the Mercury Bay and surrounding Islands. While aboard, you are invited to help the captain sail the ship, take a turn at the wheel, help set & trim sails or simply sit back and relax on our spacious decks.


Join us for 4 days on a unique adventure trip from Whitianga to the Great Barrier Island (Aotea Island).
Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or simply joining us for the pure pleasure of sailing, you will be impressed by the array of marine life this area has to offer.

NZ$680 per person
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This cruise follows the extraordinarily beautiful coastline past Pink Beach (It truly is pink) past Opito Bay and arrives at Great Mercury Island where you will find some bays that are arguably the most beautiful in NZ. Lots of wildlife can be expected along the way...

NZ$150 per person
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Classical DAY TRIP

Each day we raise the sails and head out for adventure. There is no set route. If the dolphins and whales are about we play with them and if its really hot we find an isolated bay for a swim or walk ashore. We also tow a lure and often catch a tuna for lunch.

NZ$95 per person
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Chances are you will see dolphins any time of the year as they do not migrate and absolutely love sailboats, generally making a bee-line straight for us to swim and frolic in the bow. Of course on all our cruises we are likely to encounter Blue Penguins, Gannets, Gulls, Terns and other ocean birds.


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