Set Sail with Style: Windborne Sailing Charters’ Annual Merchandise

Windborne Charters

Windborne Gear for All Seasons

Hey Windborne family,

We’re keeping it simple but exciting with a fresh batch of singlets, t-shirts, long sleeves, and those cozy jumpers you love, arriving in spring. There’s something for everyone, offering a variety of sizes and colors to match your vibe.

No over-the-top selling here; we just wanted you to know what’s up. Whether you’re setting sail with us or just swinging by Kua kawhe Cafe in Kuaotunu, you can check out the garments and pick something that catches your eye. It’s all about keeping those good sea times rolling, even when you’re back on land 🙂

That’s it from us. Keep it breezy, and we hope to see you in some Windborne gear soon!

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