Cathedral Cove Update: Safety First and Discovering New Horizons

Explore Cathedral Cove by Sea with Windborne Sailing Charters

While land access to Cathedral Cove is currently restricted, the beauty of this iconic location can still be experienced from the sea. Weather permitting, we offer sailing trips that allow you to witness the majestic Cathedral Cove from a unique perspective.

Our Sailing Charters provide a serene and breathtaking way to explore Cathedral Cove and the surrounding Te Whanganui-a-Hei Marine Reserve. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful sail or an educational journey through the marine reserve, our charters are designed to accommodate your interests and provide an experience of Cathedral Cove’s natural splendor.

Safety and Experience First

Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. All our sailing trips are subject to weather conditions to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone on board. But, just in case we can’t make it to Cathedral Cove, or we decide to take another tack to less crowded and unspoiled places that are equally stunning, rest assured you will nevertheless have a great journey.

Urgent Notice: Cathedral Cove Closure

Due to a recent landslip and the ongoing risk of rockfall and erosion, Cathedral Cove is currently closed to all visitors for safety reasons. Access via the track down to the beach is strictly prohibited. In respect of this significant natural hazard, Ngāti Hei has placed a rāhui over Cathedral Cove, requesting that the public refrain from visiting the site altogether. For your safety and in compliance with these guidelines, please avoid this area. For more detailed information, visit the Department of Conservation’s official update.

Background of the Closure

Cathedral Cove and the Coromandel coastal area have suffered severe impacts from the extreme weather events of summer 2022-23, including Cyclone Gabrielle. These conditions have led to landslides, rockfall, and significant damage, emphasizing the necessity of the current restrictions.

Alternative Cultural and Historical Experiences

While the Cathedral Cove track remains closed, the Department of Conservation (DOC), in collaboration with mana whenua Ngāti Hei and other stakeholders, is excited to offer visitors new walking experiences to explore and appreciate the rich cultural history of the area.

Explore New Locations

Recent enhancements and the creation of new walking tracks offer visitors the opportunity to explore several significant sites and enjoy alternative coastal experiences. These improvements are designed to allow visitors to connect with the cultural heritage of Coromandel, reflecting the importance of visiting cultural or historic heritage sites—a favored outdoor experience among New Zealanders.

Significant Cultural Sites

Tinaka Mearns, DOC’s Regional Director for Hauraki-Waikato-Taranaki, highlights the focus on significant sites such as the historic pā – Hereheretaura and Te Pare. These sites, utilized by Ngāti Hei throughout their history, offer visitors unique insights into the area’s pre-colonial times and the iwi’s long-standing presence.

Visitor Guidance and Access

DOC’s Tiaki Rangers will be stationed at various access points, ready to share information about nearby locations worth visiting, including heritage sites and their stories. For those seeking breathtaking views, the conservation land at the top of Grange Rd and McHand’s Lookout offers remarkable vistas and picnic spots, accessible via a scenic walk.

Safety and Respect

This summer, Cathedral Cove remains a marine-based experience, with several commercial operators providing services that respect the current conditions and ensure visitor safety.

Experience Te Whanganui-o-Hei Marine Reserve

In addition to exploring alternative cultural sites, the Te Whanganui-o-Hei Marine Reserve offers a rich marine environment for visitors.

Join us for a journey to Cathedral Cove by sea or to other outstanding and pristine anchorages around Mercury Bay, where the wonders of nature meet the pleasure of sailing. For booking information and trip details, please contact us directly. Let Windborne Sailing Charters be your guide to the spectacular views and serene waters of Cathedral Cove and beyond.

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand