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Avon Hansford
Mercury Bay
New Zealand
+64 (0)274 752 411

See the prices for all our trips below:

Day sailing
NZ $ 135 per person
NZ $70 for kids 3-12

Kids under 3 free

Ask for family rates

Day trip to Mercury Island
NZ $195 per person
NZ $150 for kids 3-12

Sunset Cruise
NZ $100  per person

NZ$ 50   for kid 3-12

Private Charters 
NZ $1350 per day

Extended Sailing
On Request

Payment & Cancellation Policy
Payment can be made on the day with cash, cheque or bank transfer. Please note we can’t process credit cards or eftpos.

If your plans change please let us know ASAP. We reserve the right to cancel sailing if the weather is not ideal. We will endeavour to contact you to let you know if this happens, likewise if you have any doubts about the weather please contact us.